29. Damaged. Mother. Wife. Counselor. Passionate. Survivor of a narcissistic mother. Survivor of an alcoholic mother and an absent father. A work in progress. An empath. Worth it.

Raw feelings. True emotion. Expressive statements. True stories and an attempt to not only stop allowing the continuance of what I know but to heal from it, as well.

Why here?

  • Because I’m not alone and I know I am not alone; but there are days the world and the memories are so heavy.
  • Because people’s stories are special, my story is special, telling my story will help me, and you reading my story may help you.
  • There will be happy posts and positive posts that verify happiness is a possibility, too.

It takes strength. Turning shame into pride.

From this day forward, I will no longer allow yesterday’s pain ruin my todays. I am important and I am worth more than the experiences I have lived. I am larger than anything that has tried to break me. You’ll see.