Not my fairy tale…

I’m not stuck here. My feet are not roots.

What have I done? Who have I become? Why am I so submissive and accepting? Am I buying time? Am I settling? Am I distracted?…..

Am I going to submit to this life that is so much less than I desire? This life that is so much different that my dreams? This life that is not rewarding and doesn’t recognize the potential that isn’t going to be wasted? This life that I dread returning to? This life that I hope is different when I wake up….

“I mean it!” I’m sure you did. But guess what? I mean it, too….

I mean that I’m more than the morning cough, the breakfast cough, the entire. DAY. FREAKING. COUGH. I’m so much more than that….and I honestly believe you’re ok with living a life that ensures that God awful cough is possible. I’m not ok with that…..

I’m not ok with the tracker. I’m not ok with the lack of ambition. I’m not ok with the snide and demeaning comments. I’m not ok with settling. I’m not ok with control. I’m not ok with the hindering of my dreams. I’m not ok with the lack of growth. I’m not ok……

I am strong, though. I am determined. I am capable. I am…..willing.

I will not stop growing. I will not let you tie my wings. I will not lessen my person to appease yours. I will not regret being the best me. I will not look back.

Today, I will prepare for the day I walk into my dreams…..if you’re coming, you better start digging the dirt from around your roots and get ready to attempt to be different. My feet aren’t planted yet…..


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