Be Nosy.

Who am I? You’ll never know.

I do know the answers to some questions about me, though. Remember that game 20 questions? Well, let’s play. Kind of……..

1.) What is your middle name? Marie-Lynne

2.) What was your favorite subject in high school? English

3.) What is your favorite drink? Cranberry juice

4.) What is your favorite song now? Even Though I’m Leaving by Luke Combs

5.) What is your favorite book? The Notebook

6.) What is your favorite color? Pink

7.) What is your favorite animal? Dog

8.) What is your favorite perfume? BBW Body Spray – Hello Beautiful

9.) What is your favorite holiday? Valentine’s Day

10.) What is your favorite store? Zulily

11.) What is your favorite restaurant? Japanese Steak Houses

12.) What is your favorite movie? Sweet Home Alabama

13.) What is your favorite TV show? This Is Us

14.) PC or Mac? Mac but I am surviving with an HP right now

15.) What phone do you have? iPhone XR

16.) Do you have any pets? Yes. 2 dogs and 1 cat. Suzy, Addie, and Cat.

17.) Have you been out of the country? No.

18.) Do you speak any other language? No.

19.) Do you have any siblings? Yes. 1 sister.

20.) Have you participated in any sports? I played basketball, softball, did cheerleading, and ran track in high school.

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