You believe yourself.


It’s 10:30 AM on a Sunday morning and you’re sitting on your porch innocently drinking coffee with your husband and your kids are bathed, fed, and now playing in the yard in front of you filling the world with laughs, sibling arguments, but so much happiness. Then it comes through…the toxicity…the unavoidable…unwelcomed…short but heavy text message. You believe every word you type. You believe you’re innocent. How? Why?

“Stop being a brat.”

Amazingly enough you still feel like you have the power over me despite all of the damage you’ve intentionally caused. You still think that you’re the “trophy” everyone admires. You still think today will go forward just as any other day with no consequences resulting from your actions. Today is different.

Trauma is not your fault but healing is your responsibility.


It’s a small step but not silently suffering and being worried about how you’re feeling feels so good.


  1. Amy Dilley · September 29, 2019

    U r such a beautiful person Larissa. I can see it radiate out of u. I love u. I’m trying so hard and doing so good. U and your beautiful family are inspiring. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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