It’s a battle. When I say battle, what comes to your mind?

“Sometimes by losing the battle, you find new ways to win the war.”

Donald Trump

It’s brutal. It’s disabling. It’s the terrorist attack your heart has gave the “GO” to on your mind. Yes you read that right: heart battling mind. You always know the right answer or the best answer or the most logical answer. You always know…but then it happens. Your feelings, your emotions, your very own beating heart gets involved. Suddenly, you question every “right” thing you ever knew. Your neighbor wouldn’t question your right or wrong. You know why? Simply because: THERE IS NO EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT. Your neighbor would simply pick the right answer and carry on. What if it was that easy? What if you were able to shut your emotional battle down so you were able to win the war? What if……

My journey is teaching me to win the war but I’ve lost and I am losing battles in between. I’m also learning to embrace those losses and maintain focus on the end goal •••• WINNING THE WAR.

“Plant a seed and watch it grow.”

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